The best journal is the one you have with you.

Odyssey has been in development for almost a year now, and we thought that now would be a great time to start sharing how our brothers and sisters have been using the app.

The first person we’re featuring: the creator of the app itself.

A moment in the province with Choy Choy, Harry, and my mom.
[6/10/2020] Occidental Mindoro, Philippines

Hey I’m Marcus, the creator of Odyssey Journal.

I’ve used Odyssey as a journal for almost a year now. I’ve taken it with me across the world and countless states and provinces.

I find that the thoughts really start to flow in a foreign land. As a completely alien yet somewhat familiar world passes by outside of the taxi window thoughts start bubbling up from my subconscious.

Usually they’re things that have been just under the surface. My soul sighing a melancholy tune about a past love; my mind delivering a pithy observation about human nature; the Spirit whispering some truth about what I’m here.

Journaling is best done in novel places. Like in a tree.
[2/23/2020] Quezon City Manila, Philippines

In these moments of quiet contemplation I write with Odyssey Journal. My favorite feature is the simplest one – I love it because it always instantly opens up to an empty page. A blank canvas. A world of possibility.

Odyssey is focused on delivering you an effortless writing experience.

New thoughts and experiences being recorded won’t be influenced by entries past. Without the noise of other content competing with attention, the moment I find myself in will be captured with purity.

The majestic Los Padres
[8/29/2020] Ojai, California

By the grace of God alone, that moment will be captured with essence of what inspired me to write about it in the first place.

When I built Odyssey the original intent was a journal for understanding oneself more deeply. But God’s plans are so much more beautiful than our own.

I will remember the deeds of the LORD; yes, I will remember your wonders of old.

Psalm 77:11

After a few months of development and sharing with friends it turns out that this journal was being used much more for understanding God and His presence in our lives.

I pray that this tool might be helpful for you too. Helpful for understanding our Lord. Helpful for reflecting on His Word. Helpful for recording and meditating on the ways He is leading you. Helpful for remembering all the times He has been good to you.

I encourage you to try this humble journaling app. It’s available on the Play Store and in the App Store.

God bless you and your odyssey.



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