NEW FEATURE: Secure discussions in shared journal entires

Most of the time, journal entries are highly personal. We don’t want just any person to delve deep into your own thoughts, but sharing these thoughts with those we trust is very important. In this new update, you can share and discuss journal entries with multiple people in a secure manner.

——————— WHAT’S NEW ———————

  • Visibility Improvements in night mode
  • See names of all people in discussions
  • See timestamps of comments
  • Fixed problem with repeated notifications

What we’re working on right this moment is making all of the discussions you are having end-to-end encrypted so that the comments are all unreadable by unauthorized people.

Now, if you’re new to Odyssey you may want to read this article on what Odyssey is for. If you’re ready to jump right in and use our journaling app, you can download it on Android and iOS today!

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