Our New Focus

Good morning fam,

For the longest time the premise of Odyssey was based upon the discovery and creation of self. This idea was based on my own personal journey.

I found that reflecting on my experiences – especially new experiences in foreign places – would yield a deeper understanding of my values, motivations, and ultimately my identity.

This idea of recording, reflection, and understanding has guided the development of Odyssey since its inception. Today that changes.

We’re entering a new season with a new focus.

A New Season

After paying close attention to how my friends and I were using Odyssey, it became clear that we weren’t primarily using it as a way to reflect and understand ourselves.

We were using Odyssey as a way to reflect on God and reflect His work in our lives.

This was a beautiful realization. It was a realization that in walking with God we no longer have to discover who we are – we are children of God.

We are shifting Odyssey’s focus from the understanding of self – “Who am I?” – to the understanding God and His presence in our lives – “How is God working?”.

Tools for Saints

Tools for saints need to have a few foundational qualities:

These tools must have the Word. Any tool for your walk with God should have the presence of God. That means His Word should be interwoven into the experience.

These tools must be built with Biblical values. Today’s applications have been built with the values of the world. The applications we use the most incentivize and elevate approval from man and ultimately amplify the desires of the flesh. An application for your walk with God should amplify Him.

These tools must be private and secure. Your thoughts should be between you and God alone, by default. This isn’t a huge concern in the United States. The United States was founded on religious freedom and that’s a blessing. Many countries don’t have this right. In countries that lack this right, privacy is of utmost importance.

The Journal for your Walk with God

Odyssey is built upon these foundational qualities.

In future articles we’ll show how Odyssey embodies these qualities. But for now you’ve reached the end of the article.

We encourage you to try Odyssey today.

Odyssey available on the Apple App Store and the Google Play store. It’s free and will be free so long as God wills.

Thanks for taking the time to read this post.

God bless you and your walk with Him,

M. Bernales

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