Odyssey introduces a new and robust journal app

Today we are proudly announcing the public launch of Odyssey! iPhone users can now download the Odyssey app in the app store. Thanks for your patience, and we’re looking forward to how you use Odyssey to reflect on your moments.

Odyssey is your private journal for all the moments in your life. It’s for moments of contemplation on a long bus ride in a foreign land. It’s for moments of connection with a stranger you feel like you’ve met in a past life. It’s for moments where you feel the world as you know it is unraveling itself and it’s for the moments when you feel at peace.

These moments are important because together, they create the story of who you are. Odyssey is the place for you to record these moments of your life’s journey. Honestly and without judgement.



  • Text or sound recordings 
  • Entries are automatically tagged with space and time


  • Add storylines that link journal entries together through space and time
  • View all your entries chronologically
  • Quickly search to find past moments


  • Share your entries or storylines with close friends and have discussions threads
  • Our AI surfaces your reoccuring ideas

This is the journal for understanding yourself and your place in the world. Odyssey makes it seamless to record and reflect upon your thoughts as you journey through life.

Download our app here and start your Odyssey.