Living on Purpose w/ Kyle Madison

“I’m grateful because a couple of years ago, I was in a season of like, dude, whatever you do in life, it’s not just about what you know, it’s about who you know. It’s about who’s in your life that’s influencing your perspective.”

Kyle is a 25 year old college drop-out and entrepreneur in the marketing industry. He remains unsatisfied with where he is today, but in the next 12-24 months he will be leading a radically different kind of life.

What season of life are you currently in? What has brought you to this path?

Man, so you were there with me around the time I dropped out of college to carve my own path in marketing. Three or four years ago, I was selling knives around Santa Barbara for commission and I was just too honest. I couldn’t sell a knife knowing whoever I was selling it to really couldn’t afford it or didn’t even need it. I was wasting my time and even worse, I was wasting other peoples time. For better or worse I was in school at the same time and I love learning, but I wasn’t learning what I wanted nor in the way that I wanted… so I dropped out of college.

I come from a college+ educated family and it took awhile, but I’m grateful that they accept my decision to carve my own path and make a serious living by my own hands. Anyways, the current season for me is hyper-focused- I’m climbing up a mountain and I’m getting rid of all my baggage as I’m making my way up. In millennial time, a year or two is enough time for a complete rebrand and thats exactly how I am approaching it. Funnily enough, I’m kind of grateful COVID has given me all this time to really nail in the necessary tools I need or don’t need to summit this metaphorical mountain I am climbing.

What kind of results are you looking for? A lot can happen in a year or two..

If you do the work, are you gonna have like a life where you don’t just make a bunch of money, but you have time in your life? Where you can do what you want to do? Are you going to be tied down? And are you going to have purpose in your life? Are you gonna be doing things that you feel will be making a difference personally or societally? And you’re helping other people? I was always open to kind of building those new relationships. And when I started building those relationships, then I started like, I don’t know, it fired me up. I just think like even Kobe Bryant needed like a coach in his life. Same with Eminem bro like he needed Dr. Dre and so it’s like kind having those more intentional relationships with people and watching that network grow alongside me in this next year or two. Beyond the five year game plans and non-traditional assets, I want my relationships to grow just like us connecting after a couple years. I enjoy connecting with you, keeping an open-mind, and staying grateful.

We’ll be keeping in touch. I’m really excited for you and where you’re going to go. If you’re ever in New York to visit your sister, hit my line.

What Kyle shares in the following conversation is a testament to the key roles that relationships, faith, mentoring, and hard work play in overcoming incredible obstacles to achieve their dreams. 

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